Screenshot 20220524 1219052Not everybody sees the same things. Perhaps more importantly, not everybody shares the same things they see. This can cause challenges in businesses or in societal interactions. Understanding the underlying existence of the loyalty/transparency continuum is critical to parse out this conundrum.

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PXL 20211216 224018782PORTRAITDecember 16 was a shock to the system for Virginia…breezy enough for the flags to fly fully horizontal, yet warm—in the 70s. Maybe that should have been a premonition that this would be no normal day.

I started the day without an alarm. That clearly is a treat.

IMG 20200922 1422343When was the last time you thanked your employees for the use of their home? Many companies are now acquiring work & conference space rent-free from employees who never intended to work from home. You might argue that the benefits for the employees outweigh the challenges. This would not be the best time to verbalize that view.

How Jesus interacted with the women in His life was nothing short of groundbreaking in 1st century Israel. That's why I'm excited to be part of a new blog series, Jesus: The Guy who Revolutionized Life for Women. It's designed thematically to lead up to Fairmount Christian Church's 2013 Women's Ministry Retreat on March 1-2, 2013.


A decamodel it til you make itde or more ago, a peer gave me some difficult feedback about one of the members of my team. Observation and some discreet questioning validated his thoughts. My next steps took me down the halls of some new—and very difficult—experiences as a manager. The actions I took needed to happen. However, my response did NOT need to impact me physically and emotionally the way it did.