A #vintage #montage:

Classic Cars

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I'm not sure why it is, but our town has a proliferation of antique vehicles. My daughter and I like them, so we grab photos of them regularly.

Period Architecture 

Vintage Clothing

Vintage Cookbooks

Vintage Decor

  • 20230203 152437 COLLAGEUsing Heirlooms in Vintage Decor (see pic ↪️)
  • Trashing Trends, Embracing Tried-&-True
  • Designers recommend decor to buy vintage
  • Coming from my past as an interior designer, I'm in favor of all of their suggestions above. I would add the following:
    • Bricks - These can be used outside, but they are great inside for bookends or doorstops. Embossed bricks are fabulous & fancy for this purpose.
    • Vases - Milk vases are perfect for this purpose. Also, given how many vases there are in thrift shops, they need to find homes!
    • Frames - Vintage frames are often of high quality and surprisingly reasonable prices. If they are not the right size, you can often use mattes to make them work.


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