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ValfamTCAThe Consulting Arts spawns environments that are catalysts for creativity, focusing on piano, voice, creativity coaching, art and writing. Karen Smith-Will teaches students of all ages and with various learning styles, disabilities, and health concerns. Typically her students' ages range from 5-100, and accommodations can be made for exceptional students.

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Subtitle: A Timeline for the Transition from STEM to STEaM

Tonight, I was inspired to research the ultimate inclusion of the arts into the STEM* domain...vis a vis, "STEaM." While the "a" refers to "the arts," there is an implicit expectation that the arts involves creativity that is anticipated to fuel critical thinking that results in innovation

FB IMG 1693702098312I've created several stained glass windows since the 80s, but I've always wanted to create an original subject for a window: My choice was Regalecus glese, or the oarfish.

PXL 20220722 2157073532No doubt any student who has ever studied modern art has had some exposure to the larger-than-life sculptures of Claes Oldenburg. His death on July 18, 2022 brought to my attention how narrow my awareness of his art had been.

20230131 220153 COLLAGEPeered through altered views

Snowflakes grow, multi-colored

Hues dazzling, diffused


Karen Smith-Will 

©️2023, haiku & artwork 

PXL 20211111 145851256When I started playing the autoharp this morning, I never expected to get the cats' attention. But our older, male cat, Archie was fascinated.

I've always thought it would be cool if our cats pranced on the piano like Domenico Scarlatti's Pulcinella did, inspiring his cat fugues. Or took walks with us, like Louis Wain's Peter.

Thank you to Katie for the autoharp, and to all of the other friends who have donated instruments to The Consulting Arts and our students.

Screenshot 20211111 0952442 Screenshot 20211111 0953212