A #vintage #montage:

Classic Cars

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I'm not sure why it is, but our town has a proliferation of antique vehicles. My daughter and I like them, so we grab photos of them regularly.

Period Apothecary & Medical Devices

  • 🆕 Collecting apothecary to honor and remember my 3rd great-grandfather, Dr. Daniel G. Sterling, surgeon in the US Army, in Richmond, VA, and pharmacist at the eponymous Sterling Drug Store on Church Street in Norfolk, VA. (And my mom lived in a former hospital in Rodessa, LA when she was a child.)
  • Governors Antiques has an entire row of pharmaceutical and medical products (shop in Mechanicsville, Virginia).
  • This Heights antiques spot has a secret room of medical curiosities (shop in Houston, TX).

Period Architecture 

Vintage Candy

Vintage Clothing

Vintage Cookbooks

Vintage Decor

Vintage Toys

  • Marbles - They're art. They're game. And there is no way I'm getting rid of them. 

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Weathervanes and Cupolas

  • Key locales that love weathervanes

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