A #vintage #montage:

IMG 20200921 191204 058presented by Zoe Will

at Senior Showcase

Maggie L. Walker Governor's School

June 8, 2022

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Manuscript Excerpt - link

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Japanese Girl's Day fanThe Consulting Arts has conducted research on miniature hand fans, as international forms of art, since 2010.

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A blog written by Ashton Will, the art teacher and graphic designer of The Consulting Arts. This blog will detail several aspects of his semester abroad studying in Japan weekly, including art he has created and seen, observations about Japanese society in the community, and his own interactions with Japanese culture. This is an ongoing project for Ashton as a Gilman Scholar and a Gray Fund for International Study scholarship recipient, functioning as a give-back service project.

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And a bonusVacations and the Enigma of Arrival 🛬🚉🚆

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