Screenshot 20210209 121224With a title like this, one might expect entries like chapeau, fez or fedora. ;) Hereditary Alpha Tryptasemia Syndrome (HATS) encompasses quite a few terms not fully familiar to us, from the genetic and medical domains. Let us know if there are others we should add. 

Alpha - x

Anaphylaxis - x

Autosomal dominant (or dominance) - x

Beta - x

Familial Hypertryptasemia - x

Gene dose (or dosage) - x

Hereditary - x

High-powered field ( or HPF) - x

Hymenoptera - x

Hypertryptasemia - x

KITD816V - x

Leukocytes (or White blood cells) - x

Mast cells - x

Mastocytosis - x

Mature tryptase - x

Proband - x

TPSAB1 - x

Tryptase (or base serum tryptase) - x

Tryptasemia - x

White blood cells (abbr. as WBC), or Leukocytes - x

Wild type tryptase - x