Miniature Fans

Japanese Girl's Day fanThe Consulting Arts has conducted research on miniature hand fans, as international forms of art, since 2010.

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I'll have a lot more to say about this in my future book, but a recent trip to Williamsburg, Virginia has inspired me. Trying to determine whether fans are miniature or not involves understanding what their full-size counterpoints would look like. In this case, I've identified 3 fans with very similar shapes.

PXL 20210329 173645567PORTRAIT2Spanish fans, or el abanico, remain important culturally in Spain. Locating them in America, however, is something I do more with my fingertips (typing into a search bar) than with my feet. Until this week.

completoHere are a selection of collections of miniature fans I've encountered:

Anna Checcoli Firenze - an Italian collection*

PXL 20210301 024642466These photos were taken solely as a quick compilation for a short-term project. They include miniature fans, doll fans, children's fans, trick fans, and full size fans. Eventually, they will be published in Miniature Fans: Fans for Dolls and Children, Valutivity Press.

IMG 20210309 1129292Hi friends,

This video shows a quick, 3-hour project I completed to help visualize our collection.