20170513 120423Mark Wylie, one of Morefield mine's miners (and a collector/ photographer), describes various elements in a single area of the mine, in this  📽️ video on YouTube, Myriad of Minerals.; you may want to open this in a separate tab.

Some of the minerals Mark mentioned in this "replacement zone":

  • Albite - pale blue
  • Aluminum Flourite - white or off-white
  • Amazonite - teal
  • Cryolite - beige/pale brown; used for flux; previously found in Greenland
  • Elpasolite - purple
  • Fluorite - not mentioned; forest green
  • Iron staining - orange to brown
  • Manganese oxide - dark brown/black; looks like fossilized branches
  • Masutomulite (analog of the Zinnwaldite) - black
  • Mica - silver; not mentioned; cube-like crystals in layers, like stacks of cards, called "books"
  • Prosopite - lavendar
  • Spessartite Garnet - pink
  • Topaz (common) - white
  • Screenshot 20210524 100938
  • Yellow mineral - unknown, ⤴️ shown above, within the black Masotomulite circles near the center of the photo.
  • Zinnwaldite - silvery green


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