The World Needs More Christmas Stories

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Christmas Stories on Facebookall written by Karen Smith-Will unless noted.

2023, Dec. 10 - The Blue Monstrosity

2022, Dec. 22 - It was a Good Day AKA The Fire πŸ”₯

2019, Dec. 5 - The Christmas Piano πŸŽΉ

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2014, Dec. 20 - Christmas Cooking, It's all in the Cards

1987 - Life Savers Storybooks (scroll down to 1987)

Stories on Valutivity:

The Sphinx at DawnAs we reach the 12th day of Christmas, I wanted to reemphasize the Christ child, born on Christmas Day (not necessarily 12/25 of course, but presumably the darkest day of the year benefits from a reminder of The Light).

If you don't have Luke 2 memorized, you may have nonetheless have heard Christ's birth story in a sanctuary, in your living room, or in A Charlie Brown Christmas. Where can you go from here?

🎡On the 21st day of Christmas, my true love gave to me ❄️ , a🌨️ snowstorm... finally!! See the video πŸ“½οΈ here.

Screenshot 20240101 231435I had already lined up an article about this topic, using a Christmas in the past as an example. But then, other stuff intervened. Sometimes, the highs are highs, the lows are lows and they're πŸ”™ to πŸ”™. So what do you do?

PXL 20231217 0027310582Following the 9th Day's Greenery, we continue the hanging of the greens with a focus on Christmas trees and their ornaments. Since Victorian times, trees have been the centerpiece of Christmas decor, but we've dialed the complexity of our trees up and down, based on life.

FB IMG 1703993503489An angel of mercy came to our house each Christmas Eve or thereabout, when I was in high school. He had long locks that brushed halfway down his back. For years, he just showed up without warning, bearing gifts for our family.

[1st published on Facebook, December 24, 2014]

Screenshot 20240104 2344532Dec. 24, 2016 - I shared this on Facebook as #Christmasstory #1, by Diane G., a guest storyteller 

Dec. 24, 2014, Diane G.

I was reminded this evening of Jamie's and my first Christmas, 28 years ago.  We had only been married a few weeks when we realized we were COMPLETELY unprepared for Christmas, and also COMPLETELY broke. 

FB IMG 1703906068309I wanted "5 Golden Rings" to be a story about the 3rd ring Barry ever gave me. Imagine my surprise when I opened my jewelry box to find no emerald ring! Hopefully it will show up at some point, and I'll write that story then. In the meantime, the "5 Golden Rings" will be cookies. What's Christmas without cookies?! 

FB IMG 1704260011477"Mountain greenery

Oh, what scenery!"

If you recognize these lyrics, you, too may be a fan of The Dick van Dyke Show. This is less of a story, than a collection of greenery that inspires me at Christmas. (And by the way, it's sung in season 1, episode 27, "The Sleeping Brother.)

PXL 20231225 173516283PORTRAIT2Guest post, by Barry Scott Will

As Technology Director for our church, Christmas Eve was quite busy. I logged over 8 hours of work that day, and a lot of it was quite stressful. It was not a good day for technology. All this comes on the heels of months spent on "Scrooge," and there are still some cleanup things to do with that production.

1000038131The 7th day of Christmas brings in the last of the fowl in the song: "7 swans a-swimming," preceded by geese, calling (or colley) birds, French hens, turtle doves and a partridge. In Virginia, in the United States, all of those are very common birds (except for that partridge in the pear tree!).

Screenshot 20231224 221744Facebook helpfully posted my memories yesterday, taking me back to Christmas Eve-Eve 13 years ago.

Naturally I realize Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ, first and foremost. Yet somehow, I also thought Christmas was supposed to involve traditions.